About Us

Ultra News is a new-generation news and information service from RTN Informatics & Data Services Ltd, a provider of real-time information and data feeds.


We abide by the following editorial policy:

HONEST HEADLINES: We do not use misleading and false headlines just to lure you to click on our story. We do not carry ‘clickbait links’ provided by third-party organizations on our website. We provide you what we promise.

TRANSPARENT BUSINESS MODEL: Unlike many of our competition, we do not take any kind of favors from the subject of our stories, except on rare occasions when we use shared travel arranged by a company or organization to their venue/location. We do not assure our subjects of positive or favorable coverage in return for access. We believe that you, as consumers of our content, have the right to know when we take any kind of favors or obligations. As such, all the ‘favors’ we receive, including any kind of ‘expenses’ incurred by the subjects of our stories, are disclosed on this page. Our only form of remuneration is advertising income, supplemented by subscription charges paid by the consumers of our news. We do not take money, freebies or advertisements from people or organizations that we write about. Our advertisements are sourced through third-parties who have the full right to determine the ads we run. The editorial does not ‘help’ our ad supplying agencies, and they in turn do not interact with the content department in any way. In case the subject of a news story also happens to be one of our customers, we will make a disclosure at the end of the article. We also do not carry ‘native advertising’, ‘paid news’, ‘referral links’ or any other deceptive or dishonest form of content that dilutes the distinction between independent content and marketing material.

FEEDBACK: We do not pre-censor comments left by our readers and in the ordinary course of events, do not remove comments just because they are critical of our coverage.

ADS: We keep ads to the minimum. We believe the primary utility of this website is to provide news, not ads. We do not use intrusive advertisement formats like in your face via roll-down, roll-up, push-aside, full-page. The ads we show are only meant to support the content. We are no fans of advertising, but we must have some ads because we do not use paid news, ‘native advertising’ or other ‘innovative’ methods of creating revenue. Nevertheless, if you would like to view a non-ad supported site by paying a yearly contribution of Rs 50, please email to sales @ rtninformatics.in.

‘ONLY’ OR ‘FIRST’: Ultra News does only three types of news stories: 1) Stories that we break exclusively, 2) Stories that we break ahead of others, and 3) Stories that give you a perspective on current news that is missing in existing coverage. The first and third type of stories are categorized as ‘Only On Ultra‘ (RSS), while non-exclusive stories that we break ahead of others are categorized as ‘First On Ultra‘ (RSS). Unless a story fits in either of these categories, we do not do it. We do not play the ‘commodity news’ game where we report news that is already available from other websites.

BIAS: We are a small firm, and cannot cover everything under the sun. We are not a ‘catch-all’ news service. Our authors are free to choose what they want to write on and what they would rather ignore. But what we do cover, we try to in an impartial way. While every human being has his or her own biases, we try to keep it out of our work. Our readers have the right to call us out when we cannot.

In addition to Ultra News, RTN Informatics tailored news solutions for small and medium enterprises. For more details, please write to sales@rtninformatics.in. You can also call us on +91-811-1828523

For any queries regarding the content of this website, please contact us via the co-ordinates given in the contact page.