Aptech to open 1000 preschools in two years under tie-up with Montana

montanaTraining provider Aptech Ltd said it is entering into preschool education through an alliance with Mumbai-based Montana International Preschool.

Montana International Preschool powered by Aptech (MIPA) plans to set up 1000 preschools in India over the next two years.

Aptech is the latest education company to enter the pre-school market. TIME, a pioneer in CAT preparation, has established ‘TIME Kids’, while Zee has Zee Learn, which operates Zee Kids.

“Preschool education market in India today is about Rs 16000 cr,¨ said Anuj Kacker, Executive Director, Aptech Ltd. “At 23%. CAGR this is fastest growing segment in the education landscape.”

Nearly two-thirds of the market is still unorganized with no standardization and very little emphasis on all round physical and cognitive development of the child in a safe environment. With growing awareness amongst parents of the importance of early child education this is likely to change fast.”

The venture will also offer a Child Day Care program that provides a safe and stimulating atmosphere for children; it is empowered by technology that enables Live webcast of the daycare. Moreover, to ensure utmost safety and security of the children, the company hires only women and plans to provide employment for over 10,000 women in the next two years.

MIPA said it aims to stimulate young children’s curiosity and provide positive learning experiences through active learning.

It will also offer an App enabling child safety monitoring, live view of child’s activity in class, on-demand child video conferencing, along with host of other features.

The course curriculum has been developed by a team of experts from Aptech and Montana International Preschool, based on Multiple Intelligence Theory, Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori and Playway.

Suresh Madhavan, Co-Founder, Montana International Preschool, said, “According to UNICEF India report, despite the recognition of the importance of Early Childhood Education (ECE) by the Government of India, the challenges in implementation still remain. There are still substantial numbers of children not enrolled in preschools. Through this initiative, we aim to build awareness amongst parents about the preschool being an equally important phase in a child’s cognitive and personality development.”

The curriculum at Montana International Preschool powered by Aptech facilitates development of children’ life skills through bonds of friendship, social interactions and celebration of diversity, Aptech said.

Aptech has been pioneer in the field of IT education in India. Aptech & NIIT were responsible for kicking off the IT revolution in the country by training lakhs of college graduates. However, with IT companies having grown in scale the role of training has also been taken over by them, forcing companies like Aptech to look at adjacent markets like pre school, multimedia, education, etc.

Aptech Ltd. started in 1986 and with a current presence in more than 1300 centers.

Montana is one of the most respected providers of educational services. It was started in the year2013 by Suresh Madhavan, Sunil Jaiswal & Krishna Nambiar.