Picture this … A heroine is in danger as goons gherao her! There’s no scope for an escape until our hero arrives like a knight in shining armor and rescues his lady love. Straight out of a Hindi movie? But it makes headlines when it happens for real to two of Zee TV’s popular actors at the shoot of their show.

While shooting for Bandhan … Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai, the protagonists of the show Chavi Pandey ( who plays Riya) and Mrunal Jain (Seen as Raghav) got mobbed by the fans.

Chavi Pandey (1)

Apparently, the crowd was uncontrollable and fans began to get very close to both the actors, making Chavi increasingly uncomfortable. It was then Mrunal who sprang into action and shielded his on-screen heroine from the boisterous, enthusiastic fans by covering her and guarded her till the Vanity Van.

Mrunal Jain said, “We were overwhelmed to see so many fans but on the other hand, the crowd was uncontrollable; It was my duty to protect Chavi when people were getting too close for comfort and I just did that”.

Currently in the show, viewers will witness an emerging love story between Riya and Raghav. Unware of Raghav’s true identity, Riya accepts the marriage proposal. What is in store for the lovers once Riya finds out who he really is?

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