11-year-old Mallika Sinha publishes first novel ‘Mirror Image’

mirroEleven-year-old author Mallika Sinha has always wanted to write a book, since she was young. She started writing small stories and poems. When she was told that she should try writing a book, she thought of a suitable plot and the result of which is the publication of “Mirror Image” (published by Partridge Singapore).

This book tells the story of Teresa, a girl living in New York who is planning to travel for her summer vacation with her best friend, Sophie.

However, she receives news that something terrible has happened to Sophie. Still shocked upon learning that Sophie lost her memory, an accidental encounter brings Teresa into an intriguing world of selfish interests and wormholes, a parallel universe. Her friends and family support her as she gets pulled into an incredible new reality, which is fascinating and dangerous at the same time.

“I think my book is appealing because it is about a young girl who has been thrown into trying circumstances,” Sinha says.

“She is confused, and scared. She does not know what to do, and is afraid she will do the wrong thing. This is a feeling many people can relate to. This is targeted towards teens and pre-teens. That age group has usually felt those kinds of emotions at least once.”

“Mirror Image” takes readers into a young girl’s adventure in a sci-fi environment. Sinha hopes that after reading this book, readers will realize that no matter what the circumstance is, they should not wallow in their own grief. She also would like them to understand that things can be tempting, and they have to stop for a moment, admire the world around them and think before they act.

The book has been published both on paper and electronically, and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Mallika Sinha is 11 years old. She learns ballet, plays the piano and is learning the trumpet and has lived in different parts of Europe since she was a year old, before moving to India and then to Singapore, where she now lives with her parents and younger sister.

The book has been published with the help of Partridge Singapore, a partnership between the Penguin Group, the world’s foremost trade book publisher, and Author Solutions LLC, a pioneer in supported self-publishing, that aims to help writers in Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Southeast Asia become published authors.

Partridge Singapore gives authors in the region direct access to a comprehensive range of expert publishing services that meet industry standards but are more accessible to the market.