Gurgaon resident seeks Rs 1.25 cr damages from PepsiCo in ‘Slice’ complaint

sliceThe National Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, the apex consumer court in India, has dismissed a petition by Gurgaon-resident Gaurav Garg seeking a compensation of Rs 1.25 cr from PepsiCo India and its bottling partner after allegedly falling ill as a result of consuming a bottle of ‘Slice’ bottled mango drink.

The NCDRC said the amount being sought was outside the purview of consumer courts and directed Garg to approach a civil court.

According to the complaint, Gaurav Garg, the complainant was going to Faridabad to meet his friend on 31.10.2012 from Gurgaon. On the way, at Gurgaon- Faridabad Road, he purchased a ‘Slice’ bottle, 250 ml, for Rs.12.

According to Garg, after consuming the Slice bottle, he started vomiting and feeling sick. He had headache and stomach pain and returned home and took some medication. However, in the evening, he developed high  fever and diarrhea, which lasted for several days and the complainant sought treatment from the doctor and eventually got well. He remained under the intensive medical care with Max Hospital from 01.11.2012 to 12.11.2012.

Garg accused the soft drink created by PepsiCo of posing a threat and danger to his life and sought the amount as compensation.

“There lies no rub in demanding as much money as one feels correct, however, there should be some basis for the same,” said NCDRC.

“Although, fortunately, the complainant is alive, yet, he is claiming the amount of a deceased person. Such a huge amount cannot be  adjudicated by a Consumer Court, which has to dispose of the case in a summary fashion. It is settled law that where huge demand claim has been made, the complainant should be advised to knock at the doors of the Civil Court.”