AAP gains in Delhiites eyes in one month -survey

A new survey, conducted by C Voter in Delhi, seems to be showing that the mainstream media seems to have got it entirely wrong on how people saw Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s protest outside the Parliament.

Conducted last week, the survey that involved close to 5,000 people taken to represent the Delhi electorate, found that 53% of the people thought of the current Aam Aadmi Party’s government as doing ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. That is despite 60% of the total respondents saying that it was ‘not right’ for a sitting chief minister to conduct a dharna or street protest.

Kejriwal had conducted a street protest demanding the suspension of Delhi police officials who, according to the AAP, failed to do their duty when called upon to do so. The controversy arose when law minister Somnath Bharti, who has a campaigning history, went with his followers to address complaints that the Delhi Police was not taking any action against an alleged drug and prostitution racket.

The media has ‘switched sides’ with the episode, with many TV channels coming out openly against the AAP and calling it a ‘drama’ and ‘anarchy’.

The survey showed that AAP’s standing in front of Delhi’s people has risen in the first month of it coming to power, with a 43% section saying they will vote for AAP in local elections if held today.

The survey was broadcast on India TV and on Headlines Today.