Mumbai supply fully restored using back-up: Tata Power

Tata Power said it has got its standby power generation in operation to supplement its capacity in Mumbai after a regular unit tripped yesterday.

The company said unit no 6, an oil-fired power plant, has been put into generation pending work going on at the fifth unit.

“While Unit No.5 restoration work is still under progress, Unit No.6 (also 500 MW), which was on cold stand-by has been synchronized and is generating. There has been NO load shedding after about 9.00 p.m (yesterday),” it said.

“The distribution companies did a rotational load shedding in their respective areas of about 200-300 MW during 9.45 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Mumbai load has been fully restored and power normalized fully,” it said.

Tata Power supplies power to both distribution companies in Mumbai and the disruption in unit no 5 had disrupted power supply in many areas in Mumbai.

It said partial load had been restored through enhanced generation from the Companys hydro stations.