The 16 Karnataka MLA’s, who were disqualified by the Karnataka Speaker after they switched sides from BJP, have again lent their support to the party, according to BJP state unit.

The BJP Karnataka unit has faxed their claim to the Karnataka Rajbhawan, claiming that they continue to have majority in the Assembly. The MLAs too are reported to have written individual letters to the Governor expressing support to Yeddyurappa government.

The case has already seen many twists and turns, with the Karnataka High Court upholding the Speaker’s decision to disqualify the MLAs from the Assembly. However, the Supreme Court yesterday quashed the High Court decision, leaving the state government in a state of limbo.

The BJP Karnataka unit has asked the Governor not to take any “rash decision” in the matter.

BJP had won a trust vote several weeks ago only on the basis of the disqualification of the ministers.

The BJP Karnataka government is its first in South India.

Under India’s anti-defection law, elected representatives are prohibited from switching sides after getting elected on a particular party’s candidature — unless the break-away group is big enough to qualify as a new political party.

The claims and counter-claims of political parties need to be taken with a pinch of salt due to the extremely fluid nature of the political maneuverings.

The role of the Congress-appointed Karnataka governor — who often decides whether or not to dismiss the state government — has grabbed attention after the defection-saga.

BJP leader LK Advani even met President Pratibha Patil earlier this year asking her to recall HR Bharadwaj, the governor, for playing politics on behalf of the Congress.

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