spicejetSpiceJet introduced new flights with focus on the north-eastern states.

SpiceJet will deploy its propeller-driven Q400 small aircraft for the newly devised schedule.

Starting 4th October, it will add new markets like – Silchar, Gorakhpur and Aizawl.

The airline will operate new flights on sectors like Kolkata-Silchar-Guwahati; Kolkata-Aizawl-Guwahati and Kolkata-Gorakhpur-Delhi.

Kolkata-Visakhapatnam-Kolkata flights are effective from 1st November.

The aim is to penetrate the underserved markets within its domestic network and thereby aims to enhance regional connectivity, it said.

“The new schedule will also include additional frequencies with a direct flight on its existing routes of Kolkata-Bagdogra and Kolkata-Guwahati,” said Shilpa Bhatia, Sr. VP, Commercial, SpiceJet

“North-East, despite being a crucial tourist locale, has been deprived of good air connectivity. Hence, our new schedule lays special attention on this region, connecting the major hub-points of the seven sister states. And we look forward to further strengthen our presence in this market in the near future.” she added.

Flight No.OriginDestinationDepartureArrivalFrequencyEffective
SG 3213KolkataSilchar5:0006:20Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3213SilcharGuwahati6:4007:30Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3214GuwahatiSilchar07:5008:25Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3214SilcharKolkata08:4510:10Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3213KolkataSilchar6:157:35Daily30th Oct – 30June 17
SG 3213SilcharGuwahati8:058:50Daily30th Oct – 30June 17
SG 3214GuwahatiSilchar9:109:50Daily30th Oct – 30June 17
SG 3214SilcharKolkata10:1011:35Daily30th Oct – 30June 17
SG 3281KolkataAizawl11:0512:10Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3281AizawlGuwahati12:3013:30Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3282GuwahatiAizawl13:5014:55Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3282AizawlKolkata15:1516:25Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3281KolkataAizawl8:009:15Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3281AizawlGuwahati9:3510:35Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3282GuwahatiAizawl10:5511:55Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3282AizawlKolkata12:1513:30Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3287KolkataBagdogra15:3016:45Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3288BagdograKolkata17:1518:30Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3291KolkataVisakhapatnam19:0020:50Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3292VisakhapatnamKolkata21:3023:20Daily01st Nov – 30th June 17
SG 3291KolkataGuwahati6:057:35Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3292GuwahatiKolkata7:559:25Daily04th Oct – 29th Oct
SG 3271KolkataGorakhpur9:4511:30Daily04th Oct – 30th June17
SG 3274GorakhpurDelhi12:0014:00Daily04th Oct – 30th June17
SG 3273DelhiGorakhpur14:3016:00Daily04th Oct – 30th June17
SG 3272GorakhpurKolkata16:2017:50Daily04th Oct – 30th June17
SG 3216KolkataGuwahati18:1519:55Daily04th Oct – 30th June17
SG 3217GuwahatiKolkata20:2021:45Daily04th Oct – 30th J

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