» 2013-09-09

Web graphics and multimedia company, Adobe Systems, has acquired EchoSign, provider of a web-based electronic signature service — a move that may have far reaching consequences for how electronic documents […]

» 2013-08-07

The IEEE, World’s largest professional association that has invented standards like WiFi may be the one to solve one of the biggest challenges in the emerging Cloud computing economy. Unlike […]

» 2013-08-07

In a sign of increasing business confidence, Gartner Inc, the market research agency, has raised its growth forecast for 2011 for the third time due to a stronger-than-expected bounce-back in […]

» 2013-08-07

Gartner Inc, the World’s leading IT research firm, has revealed that cloud computing or Internet based software already accounts for 10% of the global enterprise market. The service, known also […]

» 2013-06-11

Ramco Systems, the Chennai-based cloud-provider and arguably the largest Indian stand-alone cloud brand, has expanded its portfolio to analytics. The player, one of the pioneers of the Cloud model in […]

» 2013-05-08

Only 4% of the enterprises (companies) in India have taken advantage of cloud computing, with the SaaS market reaching Rs 465 crore this year, according to Cyber Media Research. “This […]

» 2013-04-11

Wipro has beaten others like Cognizant, Infosys and HCL to emerge as the World’s second best deployment partner, according to a study conducted by Forrester Research. In a study […]

» 2013-02-05

Even as the government prepares an ambitious broadband program, Internet penetration in India is slowing down, according to TRAI numbers. Rate of growth of Internet connections (including slow connections) fell […]

» 2013-01-09

Indian IT outsourcing firms, such as TCS and Infosys Technologies, may have to tweak their business plans if Forrester Research’ latest prediction on the evolution of the cloud market turns […]

» 2012-12-28

Third-party datacenters will overtake captive datacentres in growth over the next three years, according to CyberMedia Research. In a new report, the agency also puts the size of the India […]

» 2012-10-10

Wipro, one of the top India-based IT services providers, said it has seen good potential and traction for open source software among its enterprise customers. The company, which announced a […]

» 2012-08-30

Even as the Law Ministry and the Sports Ministry are engaged in fine tuning a draft law to prevent manipulation of matches, the Sports Ministry has come out with an […]

» 2012-08-30

Wipro Ltd, one of India’s top four IT, Consulting and Outsourcing company said it would triple its employee strength in Germany over the next three years by hiring over 1,000 […]

» 2012-07-28

International Data Corporation or IDC, the market research firm said it has “slightly downgraded” its expectations for the ERP market in India due to a “continued mindset of caution and […]

» 2012-06-06

If you are wondering why Ubuntu, arguably the third most popular operating system for the PC, thinks it can take on Android, the top mobile OS also built on top […]

» 2012-06-06

After being postponed seven times over two months, one of the strongest Linux operating systems – Fedora – has released its latest version — Fedora 18, or the Spherical Cow. […]

» 2012-06-06

India’s biggest cloud computing company, Ramco Systems, has inked a deal with Dubai-based Emirates aviation group for supplying cloud-based services to its engineering group. The revenue size of the deal, […]

» 2012-06-06

Google has launched its third annual science fair for children and the deadline for submissions is April 30. As always, the Google Science Fair 2013 will also have two rounds. […]

» 2012-05-09

India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), the biggest association of software and services companies, has said that it now expects industry growth this year to be at […]

» 2012-05-09

Even as the rest of IT spending remains more or less flat, cloud computing continues to maintain its scorching pace of growth, according to the latest numbers from Gartner. Revenue […]

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