A new Brazil on the planet

If you can count then count this number -1,210,193,422.Staggering by any standard. This mind boggling figure is India’s population strength in 2011. 1.21 billion is the provisional population data released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India. That means 181 million more people on earth or one more Brazil in the planet. This […]

Hype about Indian growth may explode if it doesn’t open up: Wikileaks

The US ambassador David Mulford criticised the Congress government for making its bureaucracy more “difficult to deal with” than it was during the Vajpayee years. Mulford, who felt that “the Nehru dynasty needs to become more like the Tata dynasty,” criticised Manmohan government’s “Brezhnev-era controls on its people of which Indira Gandhi would have approved.” […]

Soni defends dancer as Film Censor

Senior Congress leader and Information & Broadcasting minister Ambika Soni has defended her appointment of Bharatnatyam dancer Leela Samson to chair the Censor Board. Soni said she wanted someone who would not have any “conflict of interest” in the position and would be free to cut out any offending bits from the movies. “During my […]

Pranab Mukherjee — according to the Americans

Watch out of Pranab Mukherjee’s Bengali accent — this was the warning from the US embassy Delhi to their headquarters in Washington just before the then defence minister was to visit the country. The detailed biography of Pranab Mukherjee, India’s current finance minister, also reveals the man behind the persona and comments on his tiff […]

Google Car comes to India

Google street views — which allows users to ‘go down into the street’ when using Google Maps or Google Earth — seems to be on its way to India, according to a sighting of what seems like the ‘Google Car’ on the streets of New Delhi. RTN found a Mahindra Bolero with a five-faced camera […]

Jairam an “endangered tiger” : Khurshid

Jairam Ramesh, the flamboyant environment minister is used to hearing others praise him for rejuvenating the environmentalist movement in the country. Sharp and witty, he’s also almost impossible to beat when it comes to repartees and retorts; until on Monday. Ramesh, who introduced Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwali and Water Resources minister Salman […]