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» 2012-10-24

India’s Home Minister P Chidambaram felt a pang of guilt at trying to ‘usurp’ law and order responsibilities from the state governments through the formation of the National Intelligence Agency, […]

» 2012-10-10

Peter Burleigh, the former interim ambassador to India, was much impressed with Rahul Gandhi whom he called a “young man in a hurry.” Burleigh, who met Rahul in 2009 after […]

» 2012-10-10

In what has to be the biggest Wikileaks revelation so far to hit the government, a cable written just before the 2008 trust motion against government gave lurid details of […]

» 2012-09-04

Santosh Koli, one of the 11 Aam Admi Party candidate for the Seemapuri assembly constituency in Delhi, has recovered from her critical condition after an accident last week. Koli and […]

» 2012-08-30

How much does Facebook care about Freedom of Expression? This is the question a group of liberals in the southern Indian state of Kerala are pondering over after their ‘Free […]

» 2012-07-28

The tussle between the Centre and the DMK over the Sri Lanka Tamils issue is fast turning nasty, if one reads between the lines of home minister P Chidambaram’s response […]

» 2012-07-25

Giving into a long-time demand from users, Google News has now enabled users to totally filter out, or ‘ban’, news sources that they don’t like. The feature, introduced without any […]

» 2012-06-01

The average amount spent by an Indian has gone up by 66% in rural areas 70% in urban areas — with Keralites being the “richest” among the big states, according […]

» 2012-04-05

Arvind Kejriwal’s party politics is going to be a mix of idealism, populism, socialism and perhaps a few impractical, if well-intentioned, ideas. Kejriwal’s India Against Corruption unveiled their new party […]

» 2012-03-17

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee extended a hand of partnership to the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) to push through financial reforms. Mukherjee, who was addressing industry concerns over flailing pace […]

» 2012-03-13

The following is the full text of Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to the followers of India Against Corruption and Anna Hazare in which he tries to answer those who have opposed […]

» 2012-03-09

A 2009 US diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks has exposed how Pakistani leaders had to practically beg the US ambassador for money to carry out basic functions such as providing […]

» 2012-03-07

Anna Hazare’s broad-based anti-corruption alliance ‘India Against Corruption’ seems all set to form a new political party after Anna’s supporters voted overwhelmingly in favor of the option, according to initial […]

» 2012-02-09

Finally, the numbers from the crucial Neyyatinkara bypoll are in and both the Congress and BJP have reason to smile, while the Left parties are reeling from the shock. Neyyattinkara […]

» 2012-02-09

Pranab Mukherjee may have just been chosen as UPA’s candidate for the Indian Presidency, but his ambition and rise was noted very early on by American diplomats in India. A […]

» 2012-01-05

Indian enterprise IT spending across all industry markets is forecast to reach Rs 1,910 billion (Rs 1.91 lakh crore or $37 billion) this year, a 16.4 percent jump from last […]

» 2011-12-25

India Against Corruption, the rainbow coalition of activists headed by Anna Hazare, has accused all political parties of planning to pass a toothless Lokpal bill, and promised to launch an […]

» 2011-09-15

Narendra Modi, the icon of the Hindu right wing, may have lost the popular vote on Time magazine’s top 100 poll this year, but he is the owner of a […]

» 2011-08-29

Former railway minister Dinesh Trivedi seems set on his way to becoming a new middle class hero. The minister, who was unceremoniously ejected from the Union Cabinet as a result […]

» 2011-06-15

Open Magazine, edited by Manu Joseph, has responded to allegations of bias and falsifications from Team Anna by coming out with a clarification of its own. India Against Corruption (IAC), […]

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