» 2011-09-15

Narendra Modi, the icon of the Hindu right wing, may have lost the popular vote on Time magazine’s top 100 poll this year, but he is the owner of a […]

» 2011-08-29

Former railway minister Dinesh Trivedi seems set on his way to becoming a new middle class hero. The minister, who was unceremoniously ejected from the Union Cabinet as a result […]

» 2011-06-15

Open Magazine, edited by Manu Joseph, has responded to allegations of bias and falsifications from Team Anna by coming out with a clarification of its own. India Against Corruption (IAC), […]

» 2011-05-20

Nasscom, India’s national association of IT and BPO companies, has expressed worry over what it sees efforts to tap anti-outsourcing sentiment ahead of the US Presidential election next year. Nasscom’s […]

» 2011-04-12

India’s manufacturing technology for fighter jets, helicopters and planes is “decades” behind those of the West, but it has made “remarkable progress” in the last few years, the then American […]

» 2011-04-12

Bangladesh’s attitude towards terrorists underwent a sea-change after the Mumbai attacks, according to the evidences of the US diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks. While India had to bear with a […]

» 2011-04-12

The Chinese are pouring in massive amounts of money into the Tibetan region and creating huge infrastructure, some of which may be militarily used against India, noted David Brown, the […]

» 2011-04-12

However much American leaders may praise India as the World’s “largest” democracy, a 2006 diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks reveals that they were under no illusions about the state of […]

» 2011-04-12

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari tried to extract financial concessions from the US in exchange for talking with India, according to a US diplomatic cable dating to February last year […]

» 2011-04-12

Even as rumors fly of a meeting between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Taliban leaders during the former’s visit to Saudi Arabia last month, a Wikileaks cable has revealed that […]

» 2011-04-12

Former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan, who has a reputation as one of the least corrupt politicians in the country, had warned the US government against the Pakistani government’s exaggeration of […]

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