Banned in India, Bangladesh goes virtual with Google Street View

It may be banned in India, but that has not prevented India’s neighbour Bangladesh from going online in a big way with Google’s Street View. The service allows users to virtually walk along any street using their computer or mobile phone using the Google Maps app. Globally, 65 countries are on Google Street View. Google […]

With Snapdragon 810, Qualcomm beats Intel, AMD in mobile/tablet space

Intel has always been held up as the maker of the most powerful processors, but with yesterday’s announcement that nearly 60 phones with the Snapdragon 810 processor are in the works, the Chipzilla has lost the status in the mobile world. According to a statement from Qualcomm yesterday, Motorola, Oppo, Sony, Nokia, LG and Xiaomi […]

Xiaomi Mi4 lists on Flipkart: But where are the reviews?

One of the interesting things about online purchases is the ease of exchanging information and opinion about a product from customers, and Flipkart is no exception. User reviews play a crucial part in deciding whether or not someone buys a product or not. However, there is no facility for commenting on the phone on Flipkart’s product page for Mi4, despite […]

Kerala Facebook group gets support from Physicist Lawrence Krauss

Members of the Malayalam rationalist group Freethinkers were pleasantly surprised today as world renowned physicist and campaigner for spreading scientific education, Lawrence M Krauss, lent his voice to those opposing the shut down of their group. The Freethinkers Facebook group has been shut down several times by Facebook, reportedly because religious people were offended by […]

Samsung Galaxy A7, HTC Desire 826 to launch in India next month, price 30k & 35k

Samsung Galaxy A7, arguably the most value-for-money high-end handset from the Korean player, will launch in India next month at a price of around Rs 35,000, according to sources, and will face off against the HTC Desire 826. Despite being practically identical to the A7, the HTC Desire 826 will be priced around the Rs […]

BlackBerry Classic price Rs 32,000 in India, launch soon

The BlackBerry Classic, arguably the best handset in the world for typing-intensive purposes like managing email and text messages, will be launched in India at a price of Rs 31,999 or thereabouts by mid January, according to a distributor. The phone will replace the BlackBerry Q10, which is both smaller and cheaper. Unlike all other […]

UPDATE: Lenovo launches cheapest LTE phone in India A6000, price Rs 6,999

There is strong buzz in the market that Lenovo will launch the cheapest LTE phone in India next week at a price of Rs 6,000-6,500, eclipsing the Xiaomi RedMi 1S, Nokia Lumia 638 and Huawei Holly Honor in value for money. UPDATE: The Company has officially launched the A6000, priced at Rs 6,999, and to […]

Google Nexus 6 to start shipping in India on Christmas date, release price 44k

Google Nexus 6, arguably the most sought after high-end phone in India right now, will start shipping in the next two days from Flipkart in India, according to a source in the e-commerce firm. The online retailer had opened the Google Nexus 6 for preorder on Nov 18, more than a month ago, but had […]