HRD ministry says won’t interfere in college politics

The ministry of human resources development, which oversees educational institutions in the country, today refused to intervene in political protests and incidents in colleges."These autonomous institutions are established under the respective Acts of Parliament and are competent to take action in the academic and administrative matters of the institutions, including

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JNU Sedition case – Did India walk into a trap set by separatists?

One of the fundamental truths about religious fundamentalists is that they are always inimical to the Left cause.This is true whether we are talking about Hindu fundamentalists or Evangelical Christians or Islamic fundamentalists. They all hate the Left.Yet, at present, many leftist student organizations are reported to be chanting slogans

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Patiala House rioting lawyers may lose license, Bar Council institutes probe

The Bar Council of India, the top professional body for lawyers, has instituted a new enquiry into the violence in Patiala House court compound.The panel will consist of three members.If the findings are adverse, the rioting lawyers could lose their advocates' license, which will prevent them from practicing law.The Bar

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