After terrain, traffic, landmarks, routes, shops, petrol-pumps etc., Google has now added a ‘weather’ layer to its Google Maps service.

Like the other ‘layers’, this one too has to be enabled by clicking and choosing a menu of display modes from the top right corner of the map window.

The information displayed at present include temperature and conditions such as cloudiness, precipitation etc.. in partnership with the U.S. Naval Research Lab.

“Whether you’re organizing a trip overseas or a picnic at a local park, knowing the weather forecast is a crucial part of the planning process.. [It] will hopefully make travel and activity planning easier,” Google said in an official blog posting.

“When zoomed out, you’ll see a map with current weather conditions from for various locations, with icons to denote sun, clouds, rain and so on. You can also see cloud coverage.. And, if you look closely, you can also tell if it’s day or night around the world by sun and moon icons,” it added.

Clicking on the weather icon for a particular city will open an info window with detailed data like current humidity and wind conditions, as well as a forecast for the next four days.

The different units such as those for wind-speed and temperature (F/C) is also possible.


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