Glenmark announces discovery of novel cancer drug

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has announced the discovery of a new anti-cancer therapy by its Swiss subsidiary.


The new drug, GBR 1302, will target breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and the company expects to start clinical studies this year.

Unlike normal drugs, the new drug will work by making it easier for human body’s defence mechanism, white blood cells, to identify and kill tumorous cells.

“The drug redirects cytotoxic T cells through its CD3 binding arm into HER2 expressing cancer cells and induces the killing of the cancer cells. The killing of the cancer cells by GBR 1302 is more rapid, more complete and not subject to the same resistance escape mechanisms as competing therapies,” Glenmark said.

The new drug is the first clinical development candidate evolved from Glenmark’s BEAT platform or bispecific engagement by antibodies based on the T cell receptor platform.

“For the past 20 years, bispecific antibodies have been a challenge to the industry since all bispecific formats developed so far have had stability or manufacturing issues. With the invention of the BEAT technology, Glenmark’s scientists have overcome these bottlenecks,” it said.