Speaking at a party function in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has accused the Mayawati Government of running “an elaborate scheme to deprive the local farmers of their land.”

Her comments have come in the same aggressive tone adopted by her son and Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, setting the pitch for next year’s state elections.

She said that people are now again looking towards the Congress to bring development to the state, which, according to her, has fallen behind in this aspect since the Congress left power many years ago.

She also recounted the various measures taken by the Congress government for the betterment of the ‘aam admi’ and the poor.

“The entire state is an ander nagari.. There is no law in this state. There is no place here where there is no corruption and injustice,” she says.

“How dare she accuse us of corruption when there is so much corruption in this state..? Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others,” she said.

She also betrayed Congress’ spin on the corruption scandals surrounding the Central government. “Has any government ever taken such strong steps against the corrupt? Did the NDA government take strong action against corruption (like us)?” she asked.

She also claimed that the assembly elections have “cleaned out” the Left parties.

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi had attacked the state government at the same podium in Varanasi, a day after he accused the government of covering up rape and murder in the Delhi suburb of NOIDA, while putting down a farmer’s stir.

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