Letsbuy.com, the online retailer based in Delhi, has started taking pre-orders for the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S 2 smartphone for Rs 32,830 indicating that the phone is just days away from its India launch.

The price is substantially below what it is selling for on Amazon in the US — $900 or Rs 40,500.

The phone is perhaps the most anticipated release among smartphone aficionados in the country, ever since it was launched globally in April.

The S2 will have several firsts to its credit in India. It will be the first mainstream model to break the 1GHz barrier for smartphone chips — clocking in with 1.2 GHz based on ARM architecture — presumably built by Samsung itself. Most of the high-end phones in India have processors that run at speeds of 1 GHz each, while the latest smartphone from Nokia – E7 – has a processor that runs at just around 0.65 GHz.

The second big aspect about the phone is the size of the screen. The phone brings in a luscious 4.3 inch screen, much bigger than the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen and bigger than E7’s 4 inch screen.

As the phone comes from Samsung, it will also have what Samsung calls “super amoled plus” screen, which, going by the name, can only mean even crisper and brighter displays. Samsung, as the only producer of Super Amoled displays, reserves its best display technology for own models, before making it available to competitors. Unlike normal Amoled displays, Super Amoled screens have built in touch-sensitivity and are supposed to be better off in sunlight.

The S2 will also be the first in India to support the latest 22 Mbps speed on 3G networks as well as one of the few models with the scratch-proof Gorilla glass display. It will run on the latest Android 2.3 operating system and will not have a physical keypad.

Even the current Super Amoled displays — which have a distinct and visible edge over the simple Amoled or LCD displays — is yet to percolate down to most of Samsung’s competitors, while E7 has a (simple) Amoled display.

Letsbuy, which has been breaking new ground in gadget launches in the country, was the first to offer the Motorola Milestone 2 in India (even before Motorola announced it) as well as the first to cut down the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet from around Rs 35,000 to Rs 25,000.


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