BJP starts 24-hour satyagrah across the country to protest police action on Baba

BJP President Nitin Gadkari has called the police action against Baba Ramdev a “blemish on India’s democracy” and called the Congress government “fascist.”

He dared the Congress to take action against BJP for the agitation, including one at Rajghat, the resting place of Mahatma Gandhi. “We have asked for permission. But we will go ahead whether or not they give it. Let them take any action they want,” he dared.

BJP President Nitin Gadkari was addressing the media at Lucknow.

He said the Congress government is going in the wrong direction — towards a suspension of democracy in India.

“I condemn this action in the strongest language,” he said. “This is the beginning of another round of emergency.. To protect your rights, people must come out on the roads and participate in the Satyagraha,” he added.

“It is our rights to agitate through democratic methods. People are reminded of June 25 on June 5, today.”

“The government is going in the same route,” he said, drawing parallels about the current situation and the 1975 popular protests that led to the imposition of a ‘constitutional emergency.’

“Vinashkale vipreet buddhi [wrong ideas come prior to a big fall],” Gadkari said, calling the Congress government’s attitude “undemocratic and fascist.”

He questioned the government’s reluctance of the Congress to take action against black money, while it showed no such hesitation about other allegations such as Commonwealth and 2G.

“It seems to be that if action be taken against black money, many Congress leaders will also find themselves with black faces,” he alleged.

LK Advani is expected to talk to the media soon.


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