UP Government denies Baba Ramdev permission for NOIDA protest

The UP government has denied Baba Ramdev permission to conduct his agitation in the Delhi suburb of Noida.

According to early reporters, the Baba — on his way there — was forced to turn back to Haridwar at Muzzaffarnagar, not far from Delhi.

The Baba has vowed to continue both his fast and his agitation in Haridwar to the force the government to declare all illicit funds to belong automatically to the State of India. Such a declaration will mean that all funds, such as Swiss bank funds, by corrupt politicians and tax-evading businessmen will become the property of the Indian government.

The government can then request the Swiss authorities to send the money back to itself.

The Government, however, refused to do it, pointing out that the issue is “complicated.” Ramdev said that the refusal is reason enough to believe that some of these illicit accounts belong to those in the government.