The government today announced that it has already finalized several sections of the draft Lokpal bill today — a day when only the government members of the Committee were present.

“We have finalised several sections of the bill.. Whether the civil society members come or not, we will go on with this and finish a draft bill and put it up before the Parliament,” Kapil Sibal said.

The civil society members took a break from consultations today alleging that they had reason to believe that the government was adamant about several aspects of the bill and did not intend to compromise.

Contentious issues relate to the inclusion of actions of the Prime Minister and elected representatives under the scope of the bill and the nature of the Lokpal. The civil society wants a semi-executive, federated structure with investigative wings of CVC, CBI etc, while the government wants an adjudicatory panel like a Court.

Sibal said the Government will not wait for anyone, but will push ahead with framing the law by itself.

Anna Hazare is all set to hold a fast on Wednesday and the latest statement by Sibal may lead to him launching yet another campaign to press issues such as the inclusion of the PM and the investigative nature of the new body.

Anna is also demanding inviting public comments and holding public debate over the various provisions. Sibal, however said drafting will continue irrespective of these things.

“Whether or not there is a debate outside is not relevant to the drafting process,” he said.

He also dismissed the call to make the committee meeting open to public and the media. “This is a matter which is completely irrelevant to the drafting process,” he said.


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