Uma Bharti has said that the last five years in the political wilderness has ‘opened her eyes.’

Bharti had left the BJP five years ago at a time when hardliners were leaving the party in droves due to what they perceived as a softening of the Party’s stand on ‘core’ issues such as building the Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

“I have learnt in the last five years that if you want to serve the country while adhering to Indian culture and values, there cannot be any other platform than the Bhartiya Janata Party.. I would like to forget the last five years,” Bharti said at the ceremony to announce her return to the party.

“We are confident that the Party will find a new strength in UP due to her joining back,” Nitin Gadkari, BJP president said at the ceremony.

Uma Bharti’s re-induction came a day after she said she had left the decision of going back to BJP to Nitin Gadkari, while speaking at Baba Ramdev’s ashram in Haridwar.

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