Google’s India ad-campaign is all about ordinary folk

Google, which has a track-record of coming out with innovative ways to promote itself, has launched an ad-campaign with a twist in India.

The online web search engine, which dwarfs most of the brick-and-mortar companies of the World with its $35 billion revenue, has based its biggest TV campaign in India on real life stories.

The first video, “Letters from Dad”, had caught the attention of many viewers — chronicling the actions of a Dad who writes to his new born daughter from the day she was born — in the hope that he can show it to her when she grows up.

The second video, “Archana’s Kitchen”, which aired last week, tells the story of Archana who grew up in a small town in Tamil Nadu. Archana, who found an outlet for her passion through blogging about cooker, developed a faithful set of followers online. Ultimately, she was able to launch a catering service and even snare a book deal.

“Through a series of short videos, Google wants to share how the web has changed the lives of millions of people and helped them achieve their dreams. It includes a variety of stories from celebrities to everyday consumers to small businessmen,” it said.

Google’s will not be the first ad campaign to try to marry reality with commercial needs. Frooti, a brand of Parle, too has a reality-based ad campaign and many other brands too have tried, though not very successfully.