Not so long ago when a 21-inch bulky, traditional CRT (picture-tube) TV would cost Rs 10,000-12,000. Then came the attack of the panels, first plasma, then LCD and then LED-LCD.

In the meanwhile, production of ‘normal’ tube TVs, which used to come for around Rs 7,000 to 11,000, has almost come to an end.

Instead, the cheapest TV available to the Indian consumer were 19 inch LCD TVs (not LED) for around Rs 11,000.

But 19-inch TVs are usually good for a bedroom, rather than the living room. To make it living room size, at 24-inch, the TV-buyer had to shell out at least Rs 13,000.

If you wanted an LED-LCD TV, i.e. one which was powered by low-power consuming LED (lights) rather than the florescent lights, your starting price was Rs 16,000.

Now, finally, the Mumbai-based consumer electronics brand Mitashi has just broken the price barrier for 24-inch LED TVs. The firm, in association with the Big Bazaar/Future Group is now offering what is without doubt India’s cheapest 24 inch LED TV.

The 24-inch Full-HD TV will cost only Rs 10,890 — about one-third cheaper than the next cheapest 24-inch LED TV available in the market.

The 24-inch Toshiba 24PS1E, the next cheapest, costs around Rs 17,500.

Though the Mitashi model has most of the features including HDMI, USB-playback, PC-input and one-year warranty, it does have one limiting factor — you should not try to watch it from the extreme sides.

In other words, compared to the normal 170 degree viewing angle, this one has only 140 degrees. It should not be an issue for most people, considering that no one is likely to watch TV sideways.

What is interesting is that the price is in line with those of the cheapest HDMI-enabled PC monitors available in the Indian market. The cheapest HDMI-enabled PC monitor (from MMD), which can also be used as a TV due to the presence of HDMI, costs just under Rs 9,000 and measures only 21.5 inch in size.

MMD’s 23 inch HDMI-enabled monitor, on the other hand, costs Rs 11,500.

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