Google’s Chrome browser is more popular among heavy Internet users while Firefox users tend to be online less often, according to a study by India-based online research firm Juxt.

According to the study, Chrome users access the Internet most frequently, with nearly 2/3rd of them accessing Internet
either throughout the day or over 5 times in a day. In comparison, Internet Explorer users access the Internet 3.5
times a day and Firefox users, once in a day.

India is the largest market for Chrome in the world, according to Google.

The reason was for Chrome’s popularity was also unearthed by the study — the fact that most of the Internet users in India are young. Older users tend to stick to the default browser that comes with the operating system — Internet Explorer in most cases.

According to the study, 58% of Chrome users in India and 50% of FF/Mozilla users are aged between 25-35 years.

The study also threw up an curious finding — Western India (Mumbai, Gujarat) seems to prefer Chrome while the percentage of Chrome users was less in other areas. 40% of all Chrome usage in India came from the West, according to the study.

Chrome has a 24% marketshare in India, according to, while it is globally just 16%. The Google browser has been gaining marketshare at a rapid pace in the country while that of Firefox has remained static at around 33% and that of Explorer fell from 51% to 39% in one year.

The Juxt survey also found that Chrome is used by home users more than by offices or cyber cafes. 81% of users were surfing from home while a third of Firefox and Explorer users came from Cyber Cafes, indicating the latters’ preference for the two ‘older’ browsers.

41% of Internet users are using all three browsers (Chrome, IE and FF/Mozilla) from home, only 34% are using them from office/work area and 25% from cyber cafes, the report added.

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