Nokia Pureview 808 price is not Rs 29,999 in India – Nokia

The Nokia store on Indiatimes has removed the Rs 29,999 price tag on Nokia 808 Pureview, with Nokia calling it a dummy price.

The 41-megapixel Pureview 808 is the most sophisticated camera phone ever invented and can capture details that a human eye cannot easily see.

It had announced earlier this month that the phone will be released in India and Russia — the first markets — later in May.

A software fluke seems to have exhibited a price of Rs 29,999 next to the product’s listing page on Nokia’s store on ecommerce site Indiatimes.

The phone was also shown as ‘in stock’ (see screenshot below).

Both the ‘in stock’ label and the price have been removed after word got out of the ‘pricing’.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors that the Pureview 808 would be priced at Rs 32,000.

“Rs 29,999 is a dummy price and the 808 Pureview will not be available for this price,” a Nokia spokesperson clarified on media reports.