WishTel upgrades its IRA Thing tablet to Version 2, adds more power

WishTel has launched the second version of its tablet, called IRA THING 2.

The main upgrades are in the operating system — which is now Android Ice Cream Sandwich, processor (1.5 GHz) and RAM (512 MB).

IRA THING 2 also plays full HD (1080p) videos through its HDMI port.

Display remains at 7 inches. Resolution has not been disclosed by the company, but is expected to be 800*600 pixels.

The tablet has a 4GB internal memory and an expandable memory of upto 32GB and comes with 1.3MP inbuilt front camera. The 3000mAh battery gives a browsing time of approximately 4 hours, according to Wishtel.

IRA Thing 2 comes with free HDMI cable, wireless headphone and WLAN to USB port cable and is priced at Rs.6500.

It will compete with the new Ubislate 7C, which is priced at Rs 4,000.

The tablet is one of the few to hit the Indian market with Android 4 and has the Google Play app store.

See chart below for specifications.