Anna Hazare live stream crashes as thousands tune in

An influx of thousands of Anna Hazare’s supporters, eager to find out what is going on at the Jantar Mantar fast venue, seems to have overwhelmed the live web streaming set up India Against Corruption.

The live video feed by event-streaming firm Granslive seems to have become inaccessible to new viewers today morning, and several viewers have left frustrated messages on the comment box under the video this morning, urging Granslive to fix the video stream.

Interestingly, even with the troubles, the stream was being accessed by more than 13,000 simultaneous viewers. On day 1, it was 4,000 viewers and on Day 2, it had risen to 11,000 viewers. The numbers indicate that tens of thousands, or even lakhs, are tuning in to watch the program every day.

(Update on Monday: the number is over 35,000 simultaneous viewers now.)

It is not clear whether the trouble that the web streaming page is facing is due to the large number of people trying to watch it, or whether there has been any artificial disruption caused to the service.

Meanwhile, the mainstream TV channels, which had been sparing in their coverage of the Anna Hazare agitation this time, have started commenting on the ‘low turn out’ at the events.

Several Anna Hazare supporters, who had taken leave from their jobs to join the protests last time, are yet to turn up at the venue this year. Some, like young Abdul Lateef in Delhi, believe it is more difficult to justify going to the protests now, after having sacrificed so much last year.

“We did so much last year.. this year also, if we go, the government will come up with new assurances. But what can we do if it refuses to keep its promise later,” he asked.

Meanwhile, Team Anna members such as Manish Sishodia, who are fasting at Jantar Mantar, have seen a deterioration in their health this morning. Anna Hazare himself is yet to start his fast. Supporters of India Against Corruption are hoping office-goers and business-owners will turn up in large numbers on Saturday and Sunday.