BenQ launches high-end, ultrafast 24-inch monitor for Rs 22,000

BenQ, one of the top monitor brands in the country, has launched a 24-inch high-end gaming monitor with features such as very high refresh rates and response time.

The monitor, priced at Rs 22,000, has a full HD resolution, and is targeted mainly at gamers. It also supports 3D.

BenQ, based in Taiwan, is claiming a grey-to-grey response time of just 1 thousandth of a second (millisecond). In comparison, even the fastest monitors in the market usually boast of 2 ms g-to-g response times.

The ability to quickly change colors is important for LCD monitors as it prevents ‘burning’ and ‘ghost effects’. It also leads to the formation of streaks when a fast moving object such as a ball is shown onscreen.

“Fast 1 ms (millisecond) GtG Response Time enhances gaming experience with smoothly rendered Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions without the annoying effects of smearing or ghosting,” BenQ says.

“With a refresh rate of 120Hz, there’s never a lag and every in-game details will be smoothly rendered giving gamers captivating realism on screen,” it added.

The display has been certified by graphics maker NVIDIA for its 3D Vision 2 platform and comes with light boost technology to provide gamers Full-HD 3D gaming indulgence.

Other features include 1000:1 native contrast ratio, 170/160 viewing angle capability and D-sub / DVI-DL / HDMI x 1 / headphone jack connectors.

The XL2411T also has a special FPS Mode that automatically adjusts monitor calibrations to provide users with optimal brightness, contrast, sharpness and color tint.