Macho bikers like naughty girls, Angelina Jolie tops list

Bikers are not your average blokes and perhaps it comes as no surprise that their ideas of a romantic date would also be different from most people’s.

While actresses like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansson inhabit the Valentine dreams of ordinary folk, a new survey has found Angelina Jolie dominating bikers’ fancies.

Jolie, whose name recalls images of a leather-clad action-woman, is not usually featured among the top ten ‘dream celebrities’ for the general population.

But, bikers will be bikers, as they say. Jolie was in fact the only non-singer among the top five dream biker celebrity date on Valentine’s day. All the other four were singers/hip-hop artists etc..

Jolie was followed by singers Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry and the busty Dolly Parton in the survey conducted by British insurer Swinton Bikes.

The survey of who bikers would like to take on a motorcycle for a romantic getaway also showed Susan Boyle topping the list of ‘least likely’ celebrities on the back of their bikes.

Bikers also seemed to be intimidated by ‘strong’ women, despite being usually seen as macho themselves.

Body-builder Jodie Marsh and Spice Girl Mel B were also among those they were least likely to take on a romantic valentine day bike ride.

While Mel B was apparently too ‘scary’ for bikers, reality TV star Amy Childs, they felt, was ‘too fake,’ the survey found.