RCom launches VPN services over 4G

Reliance Communications launched a virtual private network service over its 4G service for the use of businesses.

VPNs use software to create a virtual tunnel between two or more end points on the Internet.

Since these are not a real private networks — which would require dedicated connection between different end points — they offer a cheaper alternative for small enterprises.

In contrast, IT and BPO companies typically use fully private connectivity between their different offices to make sure that data is not intercepted by mischief makers. Telecom companies also offer dedicated connectivity and leased lines for private networks, but at vastly higher prices.

Reliance Communications has called its service ‘Branch Connect’ — as the service will presumably be used by companies to connect their various branches.

“‘Branch Connect’ offers secure and high-performance enterprise-grade connectivity over RCOM’s Next-Gen Reliance 4G LTE network, providing an unmatched experience for businesses.

“The solution makes network expansion quick and easy for businesses across the country—from metropolitan areas to the hinterland, offering easy management and scalability of networks,” the Anil Ambani-led company said.

If one of the enterprise’s sites is already connected to Reliance core VPN, other sites just need to install a plug-and-play smart router, the company said.

The service comes with the possibility of preventing access to the Internet and services like Facebook.

It is configured so that usage is restricted to business-relevant corporate applications, it said.

“By making the extensive countrywide Reliance 4G LTE network available for enterprises, Reliance ‘Branch Connect’ makes it very easy for Enterprise CIOs to overcome the usual challenges of finding reliable connectivity for their sites.”

Most companies have so far set up such VPNs using software and regular Internet connections.