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Ola brings Rs 5 per km auto rides to Mysore, Gurgaon and NOIDA

olaOla has extended its autorickshaw booking facility to three new cities — Mysore, Gurgaon and Noida.

With the launch in these three markets, Ola Autos are now available in 12 cities across India, including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Indore and Jaipur.

Ola Autos are available 24×7 in all the three cities, at Rs. 5 kilometer, with an ETA of less than 5 minutes, the company said. Typically, autorickshaws charge between Rs 10-25 per km, except in Chennai, where charges can go up to Rs 50 per km.

Ola has also launched a new billing system that will record the details of the trip including time of booking, distance travelled and fare payable, either in cash or through Ola Money. Users can request a bill on completion of their ride from the Ola app.

Each auto on the Ola platform is powered with a GPS enabled smartphone with the Ola app for drivers that allows driver-partners access to continuous demand from customers around them. Auto driver-partners are notified of booking requests on their smartphones and are given navigation to reach the customer’s doorstep on accepting a booking request.

The GPS enabled smartphone also helps customers track their ride in real-time. Ola’s in-app SOS feature and an in-app feedback mechanism allows for a consistent experience for users. Every Auto driver-partner on the Ola app goes through a KYC verification and training across behavioral, etiquette and technology, to make the ride experience seamless for customers.

Ola has over 80,000 auto rickshaws registered on its platform across 12 cities and plans to launch in more cities in the coming months. Auto driver partners who have registered with Ola across the country, have seen their income grow by up to 40%.

“This will allow citizens to book their auto rides from the comfort of their home or office within minutes at standardized fares, bringing immense economy and predictability on their auto rides. ”

“The conventional process of hailing an Auto-rickshaw is known to be cumbersome for citizens. With Autos now being available to hail from the Ola App, users can request a ride at their doorstep within minutes, with the assurance of travelling at metered fares.”

One of the advantages of using the app would be to avoid overbilling. Many autorickshaws contain tampered meters. Ola uses GPS and software to ensure that the final charge is not radically different from the one calculated using software. It is also safer due to the tracking involved in it.

“Customers can track their rides on the app and also share their ride details in real-time on a live map with friends and family.”

Nitesh Prakash, Senior Director – Operations at Ola, said, “We are excited to bring Auto-rickshaws on the Ola app in three new cities of Mysore, Gurgaon and Noida today. Users in these cities will now be able to book an auto with a single tap on the Ola app and get access to a convenient, hassle-free and pocket-friendly commute within minutes. While Autos are the most ubiquitous form of personal transportation, a consistent experience on booking and fares will go a long way in addressing the mobility needs of citizens. This will also make it efficient and convenient for Auto driver-partners on the Ola platform by giving them access to consistent demand and help improve their earnings. We are committed to our mission of building mobility for a billion people, by enabling a wide range of mobility use cases on the Ola app at all times.”

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