Escorts launches tractors with cabin, electric concept in India

Escorts, which makes Farmtrac and Powertrac tractors in India, launched several new models today, including what it called India’s first Electric & Hydrostatic concept tractor as well as high-end models with cabins and tier 4 emission norms compliant CRDi engines.

These will be exported to the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa and ASEAN countries.

It will also sell these models to “new generation farmers” in India. New generation farmers are those who relocate from the city and use the latest technology to conduct farming.

The new models come in power ranges of 22 HP to 90 HP and will be sold via 43 International distributors, it said.

The new models cover a variety of options such as New Escorts Tractor Series (NETS) with higher horse power (70 to 90 HP), compact tractors in 22 to 30 HP range, crossover tractors for both paddy and haulage applications.

Mr Nikhil Nanda, Managing Director, Escorts Ltd, said the new electric tractor concept displays India’s frugal engineering to the world.

Electric tractors could prove to be popular than diesel and petrol-powered units as they don’t have to range far from their source of power. However, on the downside, tractors often work continuously from daybreak to dusk and a single battery unit may not be able to support such a heavy workload on a single charge.

“New Escorts Tractor Series (NETS) launched today will create all together a new user experience in comfort and precision farming globally.”

The Escorts Group is among India’s leading engineering conglomerates operating in high growth Sectors of Agri Machinery, Material Handling & Construction Equipment and Railway Equipment.

It is also present in India’s non-farm vehicle category.

“Escorts is on a transformational journey of developing products for global markets and offer products of quality with specifications that would be competitive and attractive to buyers,” said Rajan Nanda, Chairman, Escorts Ltd.

“Today’s product showcase is a preview of the technical and qualitative development keeping the dynamics and demand of today’s progressive farmers. We are spreading our operations to reach countries globally and will develop products mapped to the requirements of the customers and market.”