HTC Desire 826 available on eBay India, not yet on Flipkart, Amazon

eBay seems to have beaten the likes Flipkart and Amazon when it comes to making available HTC Desire 826 in India.

The phone, which was launched last week, is available on the website at a price of Rs 25,649 for delivery on Saturday, Apr 11, with company warranty and a VAT bill. In comparison, the lower-speced Desire 820 is being sold for Rs 25,000.


The launch of the Desire 826 is widely expected to impact the sales of the 820 series as the newer phone offers a full-HD display compared to a 720p one on the 820 and comes with Android Lolipop and not KitKat.

The Desire 826 is one of the few models that come with Android Lolipop in India, with the others being the A7000 and the soon-to-be-launched Asus Zenfone 2 and HTC E series.

In fact, with the launch of the new model, the 820 series is likely to see its price decline to the Rs 20,000 range or below. The 826 is also expected to see some price declines going forward.

Other than the display resolution and operating system, the other specifications of the two phones are exactly the same – 13 MP camera at the back, 2 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 610 series octa-core processor with support for LTE.


In fact, with the launch of the Lenovo A7000, HTC’s Desire 820 had become somewhat overpriced. Both the Lenovo A7000 and Desire 820 are very similar in specifications. However, while the Lenovo A7000 is priced at just Rs 8,999, the Desire 820 is priced at Rs 20,000 in India. The only major difference, other than brand, is that the 820 comes with a 13 MP camera at the back, while the Lenovo model has a 8 MP camera.

Another comparison is with Huawei Honor 4x, which has the same specifications as the 820, including a 13 MP camera at the back. That model is priced at Rs 10,500 in India, almost half of what the HTC model is selling for. All these models have 5.5-inch displays.
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