Infocus M2, priced at Rs 4,999, impresses buyers in India, reviews generally favorable

Infocus M2, arguably the most value-for-money entry-level handset in India today, will see another round of sales on online retail site Snapdeal soon, according to sources. The handset has already sold more than 35,000 pieces in India and it shows no sign of an lack of demand yet.

On Snapdeal, the Infocus M2 listing has a whopping 10,052 rating. In other words, it would seem that one out of every four buyer has bothered to give the phone a rating on the website. The average rating for the Infocus M2, made in China by contractor Foxconn, is 4.4 stars out of 5.0.


“I have tested both the cameras and the back camera is very good. The front one is better than most of the 0.3MP / 1.3MP we get with other brands but is not as good as the back camera,” pointed out buyer Rajesh on Snapdeal.

“For selfies, I guess it is quite ok esp with the front flash. Downloads are smooth. Apps are working fine. The touch screen is very smooth. The overall build is also quite good. On the whole, I am quite happy with the product as of now ( after 3 days of usage).”

If these ratings are genuine, they would indicate that the M2 is almost as big a hit as the Xiaomi Mi3.

After selling 65,000 units, the Mi3 had only 2,269 ratings, while the Infocus M2 has generated over 10,000 ratings with just 35,000-40,000 units sold.

Out of the 10,052 ratings that the phone has received, 6,230, or about 62% have given the phone 5/5. Less than 5% of the people have given it a 1 rating.


In comparison, the Mi3 has got 68.5% 5/5 rating.

However, this also means that the percentage of users who are completely dissatisfied by the M2 are also much higher than those who were completely disappointed with the Mi3.

After selling 65,000 units, Mi3 got 183 1/5 ratings. In comparison, the Foxconn model has got 469 1/5 ratings already. In other words, only about 0.3% of Mi3 users (65,000) bothered to give the phone a 1 rating, while 1.2% (469) users out of the total buyers of the phone are disappointed with the new model.

Despite issues such as poor camera performance in low light conditions, small display, average battery (2010mah), user Aman Pharswan gave the phone a 4.5 rating out of 5, calling it the ‘perfect phone for the price’.

There were also users who had tried out innovating methods such as rooting to prolong battery life.

“After rooting you will be able to use the most powerful battery saving app called “Greenify”. You can also start using android’s new “ART run time” instead of “delvik” by editing a single line in “build.prop” file. This will definitely boost performance of your mobile,” pointed out shopper Arnab, who gave the phone 5/5.

The Infocus M2 has outstanding specifications for an entry-level smartphone, and is backed by the reliability of Foxconn, the world’s biggest maker of smartphones. Among Foxconn’s clients have been Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi and Acer.

As a result, the phone can be safely assumed to have been made with a certain level of quality, though there are many user complaints about the quality, on Snapdeal itself.

Still, when you sell tens of thousands of handsets, a failure rate of even 1% will mean 400 unsatisfied customers.

In terms of specifications, the M2 is unbeatable at this price range. The highlight has to be the display resolution – 768 x 1280 pixels – which is slightly more than HD (1 mln pixels). Since the display size is only 4.2 inches, this corresponds to a sparkling 355 dots per inch of actual resolution.

The processor is the standard MT6582 that is found in nearly all entry-level handsets. Rest of the specifications are as you except for the front-camera, which has got a resolution of 8 MP, though many users complain that the camera quality is poor.