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Samsung launches Samsung Galaxy Tab A & E; prices Rs 20k, 17k


Samsung, which has successfully met competition from HTC in the mid-range phone segment, today announced two mid-range tablets in an attempt to reclaim some of its market share.

The two tabs are Galaxy Tab A (price Rs 20,500) and Galaxy Tab E (16,900).

Galaxy Tab A is 4G-LTE enabled and supports both type of 4G LTE launched in India – FDD and TDD.

Both the tablets support voice-calling capability.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The has been designed as the perfect blend of mobility, style and usability. At 7.5mm, the Tab A is extremely thin. It weighs only 320 grams. Screen size has not been revealed.

The aspect ratio of the Galaxy Tab A’s display is 4:3, which basically means that it is geared as much towards browsing webpages and reading as it is towards watching video. Samsung claims that it uses ‘adaptive display’ technology. (We’ll update when we figure out what that is.)

“The 4:3 screen ratio is ideal for showcasing websites and publications better, maximizing coverage and minimizing blank space. Users will be able to view 20% more material for web pages and 30% more in composing long emails and SNS messages,” said the company.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A is capable of automatically adjusting the colour gamut, contrast and sharpness on the screen.

It also has a special book cover that supports positioning the tablet in three different ways to enable reading, watching movies and typing. Color choices are Smoky Titanium and White.

Galaxy Tab E

Samsung Galaxy Tab E
Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Galaxy Tab E is the cheaper of the two, and does not come with 4G. It has a 9.6 inch screen and will be exclusively available for sale on Flipkart.

“The Galaxy Tab E is 8.5mm slim and weighs 495 grams, bringing a sleek device to everyone’s palm. This tablet integrates easily in everyday life and suits consumer style–especially with subtle but stand-out fabric-style pattern on the back cover and sleek design suits,” according to Samsung.

Unlike Tab A, this one is clearly aimed at video consumption, as indicated by its large screen, and the aspect ratio of 16:10.

“The tablet’s advanced performance includes the ability to multi-task with ease and allows usage of Multi-Window to access two apps at the same time,” the Korean company said.

It will be available in Metallic Black and Pearl White.

User Experience and Camera

According to Samsung, it has tweaked the user experience software as well as the cameras on both tablets.

“From easy access to camera modes to instant access to Continuous Shot, customers can capture successive moments as they happen, without wasting precious seconds changing the shutter settings.

Both tablets incorporate expandable memory up to a massive 128GB, which allows users to maintain a library of information and entertainment content for access, storage, backup and sharing,” it said.

Samsung also claims that the new UX (customer facing design) in both Tab A and Tab E has been upgraded for better usability, making it easier to view and select your favorite apps at a glance. “The home screen is optimized, file sharing is easier than ever, and action buttons are always within easy reach.”


Tab A carries with it “gifts worth Rs 30,000 are offered across genres such as Entertainment, eBooks, Lifestyle, Utility Apps with Galaxy Tab A in India” as well as 2 GB of data free for 2 months from Airtel 4G.

Galaxy Tab E buyers will get 2GB of 3G data per month for 2 months for post-paid consumers of Vodafone and 1GB of 3G data free on purchase of 1GB by a prepaid Vodafone customer for 2 months.

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