Lenovo, the Chinese smartphone maker that practically owns the entry-level smartphone market in India, said it has sold 30,000 black K3 Note and 19,800 white color K3 Notes today in 3.9 and 4.3 seconds respectively.

Today’s Lenovo K3 Note flash sale came less than a week after the company sold 47,000 black K3s on Thursday.

The 5.5-inch phone has seen tremendous demand in India despite there being almost no word-of-mouth support.

Most people have bought the K3 Notes based purely on the success of Lenovo’s previous two entry-level phones, the Lenovo A7000 and the A6000 Plus.

Reviews from customers have indicated that they are mostly happy with the phone, except for its front camera which has left most users underwhelmed.

Registrations for the next round of flash sales will start at 6 PM today.

It is estimated that there is a demand of around 3-5 lakh K3 Notes in India at present. With 1 lakh units already sold, that’s about 3 lakhs more that Lenovo can sell within one month.

However, it is not clear how many the company plans to sell.

Xiaomi, which started the flash sales trend, could not meet the full demand for its Mi3 phone (priced Rs 13,999) last year and had to leave many fans disappointed.

However, according to our sources, Lenovo plans to continue to sell at least 50,000 K3 Notes using the flash sales every week till demand sustains.

Meanwhile, the company has made its A7000 available on demand, though very few people prefer to buy the phone which is only Rs 1,000 cheaper compared to the Note.

Xiaomi has also cut the price of its 4G note to Rs 7,999 just before the K3 Note flash sales began.
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