Philips introduces software-controlled lighting system Hue


Philips Lighting has introduced its Hue platform that lets people control the lights iin their homes using mobile apps and the web.

“Philips Hue is the next generation of lighting innovation that has redefined the possibilities of LED technology by integrating the digital light source with the Internet of Things concept,” it said.

The platform contains an ever-growing selection of third-party apps (more than 300 at present) that allow you to manipulate the lights in your house in innovative ways. The special LEDs used in the system support multiple shades and colors.

The Hue range of lights and equipment can be bought from dealers as well retail outlets of Croma & Reliance Digital across India. Hue can also be bought at online store of Snapdeal at

The Hue Starter kit is available at a MRP of Rs. 16,995, the company said.

“Philips hue can be setup in minutes. The bridge in the Hue starter kit can be easily plugged into your home Wi-Fi router and the three Hue lamps can go into the existing holders,” it said.

The Hue Starter Kit for India includes a bridge and three Hue lamps, Hue Go, Hue Beyond – the luminaire family, Friends of Hue – LightStrips and Bloom.

The system is upgradeable and future-proof, with the potential for more features to be downloaded and enjoyed in the future, the company said.

Instead of just providing illumination, lights can be put to many other uses as well — such as entertainment, mood enhancement, music, sleep management and so on.

“Philips Hue will change the way people have experienced and interacted with lighting till now. Connected LED lighting redefines the possibilities with lighting taking it beyond illumination and creating value to enhance our lives,” said Harsh Chitale, CEO, Philips Lighting – South Asia.

The app for Philips’ hue also features expert LightRecipes: four pre-programmed lighting settings based on Philips’ research around the biological effects that lighting has on the body.

These scenarios adjust bulbs to the optimum shade and brightness of white light to help you relax, read, concentrate or energize. Hue has the IFTTT (If This Then That) service that enables you to connect your Hue lights to over 60 different products and services with IFTTT Recipes.

Philips Hue uses the open ZigBee Light Link standard that allows consumers to gain wireless control over all their LED fixtures, light bulbs, timers, remotes and switches.