UPDATED: Reliance Jio unveils new 4G data plans; 56 GB at Rs 499

Reliance Jio will offer 40 GB of data free with its MiFi device — which will reportedly be priced in the Rs 2,000-2,500 range — according to a screenshot of the company’s tariff plans shared by a user on Twitter.


The company has announced new tariff plans.

Please see details here, or on this chart.


During the initial testing phase — when it may charge higher for the MiFi device — the company could also offer a special ‘network testing’ package with 200 GB of data in addition to the 40 GB, going by the leak.

JioMoney is a wallet app from Reliance Jio, and in addition to serving as a payment platform for a variety of third-party services, it can also be used to recharge Reliance Jio connections.

As we have already reported, Reliance Jio is all set to start selling MiFi devices and LYF handsets with bundled SIM cards this week.

Jio, however, will not announce its real tariff plans this week, instead offering certain offers that are limited to the testing period.

The JioMoney snapshot, however, does not reveal the real price of the 200 GB ‘network testing’ pack, but it is almost certain that it will be free of charge for anyone who buys the MiFi device. The 200 GB could be seen as compensation for the possible higher price in the initial stages.


The ‘network testing’ pack is unlikely to make it into the real Jio tariff plan, as the intention behind giving 200 GB of data is to put the network to the test.

What is more interesting from Reliance Jio’s 4G tariff perspective is the 40 GB ‘starter’ plan and the 40 GB ‘recharge’ plan. These are more likely to make it into the final tariff schedule.

As the name suggests, the 40-GB starter pack will be given free with each MiFi device.


Though the printed MRP on the MiFi device is closer to Rs 4,900, the actual selling price of the device is likely to be lower.

For example, Bharti Airtel sells its MiFi device — with an MRP of around Rs 5,800 — for Rs 1,500 and also gives 10 GB of data free. Idea Cellular also sell the same model at Rs 2,599 plus free data.

If Jio sells its device at Rs 2,000 or Rs 2,500, it would be cheaper for a customer to buy a Reliance Jio MiFi as he stands to get four times the data.

The device pricing can also be used to guess the broad lay of Jio’s 4G tariff.

Since it is giving 40 GB free on the device, the subsequent ‘recharge’ pack of 40 GB will have to be priced at least Rs 700-1000 below the MiFi device price. Otherwise, people will be tempted to simply buy more and more MiFi devices instead of recharging their existing connection.

Going by that logic and assuming a MiFi device price of Rs 2,000-2,500, the 40 GB ‘recharge’ pack for 4G MiFi users will be priced around Rs 1,000 to 1,800 — implying a per GB price of Rs 25 to Rs 45

That is substantially lower than what Idea Cellular — currently the cheapest 4G operator — charges. Idea’s cheapest rate is Rs 135 per GB or Rs 1350 for 10 GB.

Of course, this assumes that the MiFi device will be priced at Rs 2,000-2,500 and not at its full price of Rs 4,000.

At present, Jio employees can buy the device for around Rs 2,000. Given the company’s stated commitment to making connectivity affordable, we expect the MiFi device to be priced in the Rs 2,000-2,500 range for the public as well.

In addition, the company has been reported to be readying a pen drive-like hotspot device for Rs 700-1,000. These devices will not contain a battery.

Other JioMoney screenshots have also been shared in the past suggesting that for mobile users, the maximum data pack that the company may initially come up with could be 50 GB per month, including 25 GB of night data.

In comparison, other 4G operators offer a maximum of 10 GB in their tariff cards, whether on MiFi devices or mobile phones.
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