Xiaomi has, for the first time ever, put more than one color of its 32-GB Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone on sale.

Amazon is showing two color variants — the already introduced Gold, and a new Dark Grey variant — of the 32 GB model ‘in stock’ as of now.

To go to Xiaomi’s buying website, click here.

‘In stock’ means stocks have arrived, and sales will start at the appointed time, which is 2 PM today afternoon.

Customers had been expressing displeasure over the measly stocks of 32 GB Redmi Notes being sold in India.

It is estimated that only 2,000-4,000 (and we are being generous here) 32GB versions of the device have been sold, and all of them have been in the Gold color.

The fact that there are two colors on offer seems to indicate that there will be at least 5,000-10,000 units up for grabs today.

The 16 GB version is available in three colors, adding Silver to the above two. Many people dislike the Gold color as it is too flashy/cheap.

There is no clarity which colors will be available on Mi.com, the company’s own website where three sales will be conducted today at 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM.

Simply going to the product page shows three options including Silver, but the product page is to be used for buying both 16 GB and 32 GB and therefore doesn’t suggest that the more expensive version will be available in all three colors.


For Amazon, you have to sign up on their registration page.

To purchase from Mi.com, you have to open this page just before the sale starts and place your order.

Once there, you directly add the item you want into your cart. All users who add a product to cart successfully, have 2 hours to place their orders and another 2 hours to pay for it.

Otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically.

For Mi 5, you can add Mi Protect, which covers accidental damage, at ₹499. This offer is only available on 6th April.

For those who are getting Redmi Note 3, you can get the great deal of ₹50 OFF Redmi Note 3 cases only on 6th April if you buy it at the same time.

As part of the festival, Xiaomi will also introduce certain new products into India.

These are the 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro, Mi LED Light Enhanced and Mi USB Cables 120cm.

All of them are on open sale from 8am.

Other offers on Xiaomi products on Mi Fan festival incudes a discount of Rs 200 when you buy Mi Band & Mi In-Ear Headphones together as a fitness bundle.

The offer is only valid when you add the bundle to cart, and not valid when you add both products to cart separately, the company added.

Another freebie is the Mi In-Ear Headphone Basic, which will be given to all users buying an Mi4i or Mi Pad on Mi Fan Festival.

It will also be conducting contests and games for coupons worth over Rs 7 crore, but only via the Mi Store App.

All coupons are only applicable on Mi accessories purchased via the Mi Store App. They will be valid for one day only, on 6th April, the company added.
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