REVEALED: Reliance Jio tariff plans leaked in video, 75 GB free with Mifi and 4G LYF?


In what seems like a genuine leak, a Youtube user named We Love Jio has posted a screencast of upcoming 4G tariff plans and prices from what looks to be the beta version of, the company’s official website.

PLEASE NOTE: This news is no longer relevant, and the company has unveiled a new website and new plans. See this link.

The leak is in line with our earlier reports that Jio will give free bundled data with their devices. But, the website also suggests that the operator may give SIMs without forcing the user to buy a device too, as there is a separate section on the website for this (see picture below).



According to the recorded screencast, the Jio website will have two sections — one for those who have a 4G enabled smartphone, and another for those who don’t.

When you click on ‘buy’, you are given an option to purchase various devices. However, beside the device option, there is another one called ‘Already got a smartphone? Buy a SIM card’.

This suggests that Reliance Jio could offer unbundled connections without forcing the users to buy its devices. However, there is no guarantee that the link will be there when the website is thrown open to users as part of the soft launch.

In fact, ‘We Love Jio’ does not click on that link, so we don’t know what the prices and offers on the SIM would be.

However, there is a separate ‘prepaid plans’ section of the website that is explored by the user. While the ‘postpaid plans’ section is empty, the prepaid plans section shows two plans — one for Mifi and another one called Voice Combo that is given free with LYF phones.

jioprepaidIt is possible that Jio could give Voice Combo offer to those who buy their SIM cards, but at a price of Rs 500-1,000, or it could be restricted to those who buy LYF handsets. Frankly, we don’t know much except that LYF phone buyers will definitely get the Voice Combo plan free of cost with their purchase.



However, what we do know, at least from the leak, are the tariffs and prices for bundled devices and SIMs.

The cheapest option among the devices is the Mifi device, which costs only Rs 1,999 according to the leak. For Rs 1,999, you get the device and 75 GB of 4G data.

If this tariff actually makes it unchanged to the beta launch of Jio’s 4G services, it would mean that Jio will offer  between 40 GB and 75 GB jio-launch-price-tarifffor subsequent recharges of around Rs 1,000.

Why? If RJio were to offer less than 40 GB for a tariff recharge of Rs 1,000, people may shell out an extra Rs 999 and buy another device for Rs 1,999 (thereby getting double the data and a free device).

This kind of data tariff would also be in line with what Reliance Communications, which will also offer 4G using the same network, is already giving. The Anil Ambani firm offers 40 GB for Rs 999.



If you are not looking for just an internet connection, but for a handset as well, you can choose the LYF device option and get bigger offers.

The cheapest LYF phone from Jio will be the Flame 1, which costs Rs 5,133 according to the website. It will give free data of 75 GB, plus 4,500 minutes and 9000 SMS.

baseplan-jioTaking a regular tariff price of Rs 40 per GB and 50 paise for 1 minute of call and 1 SMS, the total value of the offer comes to Rs 3000 + 2,250 + Rs 4,500, or Rs 9,750 for a phone that costs around half as much.

Unfortunately, the leakers of the video have clicked on any of the more expensive phones, so we don’t know if phones like the Earth 1, which costs Rs 18,400 on the website, will also come with the same offer or bigger freebies.

If true, these offers would provide a major boost to the sales of LYF phones in India as no other brand can come anywhere near what RJio is providing in terms of value for money for these phones — especially for models like Flame.

It should also be kept in mind that the tariff and prices are for the Assam circle, which was selected as the option when browsing the website in the video. However, we expect the rates to be similar across India.

You can watch the full screencast video below.


Given the large amount of speculation around Reliance Jio’s 4G launch date and pricing, one cannot be blamed for being skeptical about yet another leak.

However, we believe that the soft launch will happen this month itself and it is very likely that the company has got its website in final shape and a leak, therefore, seems much more likely to be genuine that otherwise.

In addition, the leak is largely along expected lines as far as the freebies are concerned. There was also a widespread speculation that Jio will price its standalone SIM cards at Rs 200 and will offer the same 75 GB plus 4,500 voice minutes free on it as well. Given that the person who made the video did not click on the ‘Get SIM’ link, we cannot make any conclusive statements about the claim. However, chances for such an offer are near zero in our opinion.

The latest leak has come at a time when Reliance Communications is also offering 4G upgrades to its users, particularly in areas like Mumbai and Delhi.

UPDATE: RCom will be giving 4G SIMs to existing CDMA users only. No new 4G connections will be given till Jio’s commercial launch. Read more.

In these areas, those with CDMA handsets can try calling the number 1299 from the Reliance CDMA connection to get more details such as SIM availability and launch dates.

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