Flipkart disounts Lenovo K5 Plus to Rs 7,999, K3 Note to Rs 8,499 in Big Sale

flipkart-offers-lenovoLenovo K5 Note, launched just weeks ago, has already got its first price cut with Flipkart offering a Rs 500 discount on the model.

The 5-inch 4G-enabled smartphone is now available at just Rs 7,999 on the ecommerce portal, very close to the price of its predecessor the A6000 Plus, which was selling for Rs 7,499 during its heydays.

In addition, Lenovo and Flipkart are also offering a discount of Rs 1,5000 on the K3 Note — which has very similar specs except for the having a bigger display. The 5.5-inch model, which was introduced in the Indian market almost a year ago, is now available at Rs 8,499.

There is no discount on the K4 Note, which continues to be priced at Rs 11,990.

At Rs 8,499, the K5 Plus did not offer much in terms of value for money when compared to recent launches like the Meizu M3 Note. For an extra Rs 1,500, you get 3 GB of RAM (vs 2 GB on the Lenovo model), a bigger and arguably better-quality display and a more up-to-date chipset in the form of MedaTek P10.

Though both the Snapdragon 616 contained in the K5 Plus and the Helio P10 powering the Meizu M3 Note are based on the same underlying design, the MediaTek chipset is about 25% more powerful due to its clock frequency of 1.95 GHz vs 1.65 GHz for the K5 Plus.

In addition, you also get more recent and advanced LTE as well as a more recent graphics unit.

However, with the price cut, the K5 Plus can again start attracting people who want to buy an entry-level phone.

While the Rs 8,499 price made the phone expensive for an entry-level customer (up to Rs 7,000), the new price could make it a viable model.

Meanwhile, the price cut of Rs 1,500 on the K3 Note could hit the sales of the company’s A7000 Turbo model — which is essentially the same device under a new name.

The A7000 Turbo is selling for Rs 10,000-10,500 — mostly in offline stores — while the K3 Note’s new price makes it cheaper by Rs 2,000 compared to the model.

Flipkart is also offering the Moto X Play — the cheaper of the two Moto X models launched last year — at Rs 14,999 — a discount of Rs 2,500.

The Moto X Play offers a 21 MP camera, a 3.63 Ah battery, Corning Gorilla Glass protection, a 5.5-inch full-HD display and a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 615 chpset. The Snapdragon 615 is comparable in performance to the 616, and offers about 20% less power than the Helio P10.