rcom-mnp-problemsReliance Communications CDMA subscribers opting for the ‘4G upgrade’ may face issues in immediately porting out of the new network.

According to our own experience and that of others on social media, RCom users who migrated to 4G may face problems in generating unique porting codes for some days.

“Recently reliance told us to upgrade to 4G as they r closing cdma network from 31 May, so I took new sim card and inserted in GSM phone but not getting network. Now when I’m trying to port out of reliance, they say I can’t port out as I have used the same and have to wait for 90 days to do it,” complained a user on Facebook.

Another user, this time on ‘consumercomplaints.in‘also reported a similar problem. “Not getting my u.p.c for m.n.p i have five so much messages Since 4 days and calls to Reliance Customer Care but no any solution found for my queries,” a user by the name of Manish complained on June 4.

To test if a unique porting can be generated from a number that has been ported to Reliance 4G, we tried requesting the code.¬†However, instead of the porting code, we got a message from 1901 saying: “This service is temporarily unavailable”.

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The reason for the MNP problems may be that anyone who moves from RCom CDMA to RCom 4G is technically moving to Reliance’s GSM network.

Under India’s MNP rules, the CDMA and GSM networks of the same company are considered two different networks.

As a result, companies like RCom and Tata DoCoMo are not allowed to offer CDMA and GSM services on the same SIM or USIM as they are considered two separate operations.

Similarly, they are not allowed to move a CDMA user to GSM without using the MNP route.

In case of RCom’s 4G upgrade, the company seems to be using the ‘internal porting’ facility under the MNP route. While this makes the process very quick, it also means that any person who takes advantage of the upgrade offer may have to wait for 90 days to port again.

Under India’s MNP rules, a person has to wait for 90 days to port for the second time.


Meanwhile, many users who opted for the 4G upgrade are complaining that they are unable to latch on to the 4G network.

People, however, have been able to move to the company’s GSM and 3G network since the 26th of last month. It is not known if the validity of the 10 GB offer (given free with the 4G upgrade) will start from the time they start getting 4G network or from the time they start getting GSM services.

Meanwhile, some users are reporting that they are able to get 4G service on their migrated connections.

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