Lupin launches generic antidepressant in the US

India’s second biggest pharmaceutical company Lupin said it has launched the generic version of Valeant’s Wellbutrin antidepressant tablet Wellbutrin XL in the US.

Wellbutrin XL tablet has yearly US sales of USD 758 million or about Rs 5,000 cr.

It is used for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and prevention of seasonal affective disorder associated with winter in colder countries.

Bupropion Hydrochloride has been released in 150 mg and 300 mg doses.

Lupin is the 6 largest generics pharmaceutical company by sales globally and the second biggest pharma company in India.

It manufactures branded & generic formulations, biotechnology products and APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients. It focuses on Cardiovascular, Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatric, CNS, Gl, Anti-infective and NSAID space and has sales of 171,198 million (USD 2.55 bilion) per year.