Mitashi launches cheapest curved TV in India at Rs 28k, 39-inch at Rs 40k

Mitashi, the Mumbai-based brand, has launched what has to be cheapest curved TV in India — a 32-inch model priced at Rs 28,000.

It also launched a larger, 39-inch version at priced at Rs 40,000. Both are ‘smart TVs’.

“The big idea was to enter the as-yet unchartered territory of smaller Curved LED TVs and break the myth that these are luxury products that only a few can afford,” said Rakesh Dugar, Chairman and MD – Mitashi Edutainment.

“Mitashi has always worked towards creating affordable world technology. Taking this vision forward, today we launch our first-in-the-series Curved Smart LED TVs.”

Curved TVs are supposed to make the viewing experience more real.

They give “a wider field of view, greater depth, sharper images and richer contrast further accentuate the viewing,” Dugar added.

At present, curved TVs typically cost above Rs 70,000, as the panels cost more to make.

However, Mitashi is using HD-ready panels instead of Full HD panels to keep the prices down.

“Curved televisions have been making a splash in the world market for their superior viewing experience. However, these have primarily been luxury products, priced at an inexplicable premium that makes it beyond the reach of millions,” the company said.

The models come with in-built Wi-Fi and USB port and Card Reader slots, and also supports screen mirroring.

Viewing angle is also slightly below norm at 176 degrees, vs 178 for higher-end TVs.

The televisions come with 3-years warranty.

The models are available across India with top retailers, distributors and popular online portals.

It remains to be seen if smaller curved TVs offer any of the benefits and experience of their larger counterparts.

Each curved TV has a certain curvature, and because of this, viewers must be sitting at the center of the circle of which the curve forms a part.

This means that such TVs are not suitable for a large family.

This also means that when the TV is small, the impact of the curve is very less.