Mitashi launches 55-inch curved TV with Samsung 4K panel @Rs 80k

Mitashi, the Mumbai-based electronics brand known for its value-for-money offerings, launched a 55-inch curved 4K TV with a Samsung panel at Rs 79,990 in India.

The device is the cheapest such television in the Indian market.

Its closest competitor is the Samsung 49Ku6300, which is also priced at Rs 79,990. However, since the Samsung model has a smaller screen, the Mitashi 4K TV has 26% more display area than the Samsung device.

4K TVs continue to be sold in India despite very little UHD content being available.

Moreover, to really benefit from 4K TVs and content, one must be sitting close to the TV.

For example, if you sit at a distance of 12 feet, a full-HD TV and a 4K TV will appear to be of the same quality unless the TV is larger than 60 inches in size. At eight feet away, the difference will start appearing at 40 inches of size, but will be fully realized only at 80 inches.

This is the first curved model from Mitashi. It already has LED TVs in the sizes of 55’, 50’, 39’ and 32’.

“The ultra HD 2160p, 3840*2160 resolution and 4,00,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, powered by the original Samsung-panel brings you the best, world-class quality visuals,” the company said.

The device supports USB Movie plug-and-play, HDMI input, PC input, built-in Wi-Fi and screen mirroring.

“While all other televisions in the market come with a regular glass, Mitashi’s 55’ Curved LED TV is protected with a tempered glass that also leads to more seamless viewing. Mitashi offers free wall mounting and a 3-years warranty with the television,” it said.

“Curved TVs have always been a premium product that was not available for wide consumption,” said Rakesh Dugar, Founder and CMD at Mitashi.

“We have worked very hard to recreate this premium experience, without compromising on quality, and made it accessible to everyone,” he added.

Mitashi has been aggressive in trying to push down prices for high-end products, and has a decent brand recall, particularly in its home market of Mumbai.

“Technology means little if it’s not affordable. The 55’ Curved LED TV will forever change the way we’ve been consuming content,” said Dugar.