Wikimedia developer camp in IIM Bangalore next month

Wikimedia, the non-profit behind Wikipedia, is holding a three-day developer camp in Bangalore from November 9.

The camp is “a chance to participate and work alongside experts in development of PHP and JavaScript based internationalization and localization tools as well as mobile applications using Phonegap and LAMP technologies,” the organization said on the registration page.

Wikimedia has been at the forefront of developing several open content formats, such as the Commons license, and in developing language tools for the Web.

“Software engineers, UX/UI designers, and translators are welcome,” it said. Applicants will have to give an introduction of their work areas before they are invited to the camp being held at the Indian Institute of Management.

“Please do not register if you are not comfortable with writing software,” it added.

The events of the first day, which start in the afternoon, will focus on introductions and workshops, the second day will focus on “making cool stuff” and the third day, additionally on “presentations.”