Evernote now comes built into Tencent ONE browser

Evernote, the company behind one of the most successful mobile applications, has tied up with the maker of Tencent ONE Browser for Android, setting its eyes on the Indian and Asian market.

Evernote allows users to remember all aspects of their lives by creating notes, snapping images, recording audio, saving files and having everything synchronize across all devices and platforms, including phones, tablets and computers.

The app has found many takers in India — which is largely an Android smartphone market. Out of the more than 40 million Evernote users, more than 650,000 are in India.

The ONE Browser, created by China’s Tencent, is a mobile browser aimed at emerging markets where mobile user growth is increasing rapidly and 3G connections are becoming popular and is estimated to have about 40 million user-downloads. ONE Browser claims to have advanced compression technology that cuts download times and can reduce data costs by up to 85 percent. The browser, with built-in Evernote, is available for download on Google Play, Google’s app store.

The integration of Evernote with ONE Browser for Android allows mobile users to clip a webpage directly to their Evernote account with just one click, Evernote said.

All information collected and saved via mobile phones is synchronized across other devices using Evernote, giving users access to their data, anytime, anyplace, the company added.

“In India, China and many other developing countries Internet access is predominantly mobile, so it’s critically important to improve the mobile user experience. ONE Browser’s innovative integration with Evernote does just that – it allows our users to remember what they see online directly from the browser,” said Troy Malone, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Evernote.

“India is a primary market for us, with the mobile phone subscribers’ base now topping more than 929 million, making it second in the world only to China for the number of mobile phones in use,” said Andy Pan, Tencent’s Director of International Mobile Products.

Evernote recently received a $1 billion valuation in a $70 million round of venture funding, led by Meritech Capital and CBC Capital.