Bharti Airtel launches India’s first directory of laborers and blue-collar workers

It’s not just the youth, but also the labor class that Bharti Airtel wants to make life easy for with India’s first classifieds service for manual laborers and other blue collar workers.

Called ‘saral rozgar’, the service allows “skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manual laborers” to register themselves on a voice-based service and get work.

Workers can apply for jobs by dialling 54141 on their Airtel mobile number and giving their details.

The category of people who can call include manual laborers and others like electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters etc..

Those looking to hire such workers can either dial the same number, or log on to to browse through workers in their area.

The services, however, is likely to cost around Rs 30-35 per month those seeking work, including a monthly rental of Rs 30 and a call charge of Rs 1 per minute to register themselves for work for the first time.

Jagdish Mitra, CEO of CanvasM, which partnered with Bharti Airtel for the venture, called the service the “first ever job market place service for blue collar workers.”

A similar service, called is also in existence, but it works primarily through referrals.